Aachen diaries

Ok, I started learning german in 2007 and from that time my attitude was like a rollercoaster, I’m not kidding. Firstly it was love, then hate, then love mixed with hate, then I started listening to Rammstein and it got a little bit better… But I never considered to master this language and become a real german lover. Fortunately when I started my studies something in my head clicked and from that time I had private lessons, climbed to B2 level with a Goethe Institut certificate and deciced to celebrate that fact by  – what else could it possibly be – visiting Germany!

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Where did I eat?

IMG_9261That is the proper question. I love travelling and eating (and many other things) and this is what I would like to share with you here. You will find here not only many food recommendations and travel tips but also my journey how to be „fit” and live my life as best as I can.

And who I am? 21-year old foodie in love with learning new things and having fun. Oh, and I study physics to add more joy to my life.